HMIs, flexible keyboards


ACTIV’CLAVIERS designs and manufactures all types of HMIs and flexible keyboards:

  • flat keyboard
  • Capacitive keyboard
  • Keyboard with optical sensor
  • Keyboard with printed electronic integration
  • Keyboard with display integration
  • Complete sets
  • Labels
  • Insulators
  • Digital printing
  • Etc.

Examples of realization

What kind of pressure control for each button of your HMI?

Pressure control with or without tactile effect

  • flat keyboard (diagram)
  • dome keyboard (schematic)
  • cup keyboard (diagram)

How does switch technology work in an epoxy keyboard?

Printed circuits are used in microswitch technologies as key carriers and components. They are associated with a support plate.

They are also used as a replacement for traditional screen-printed polyester circuits, thus serving as both circuits and supports. There are the keys and the LEDs. Possibility of adding threaded rod type inserts to guarantee and facilitate the integration of the products.

How does screen printing protect the printing on the fronts of your keyboards?

All of our categories of keyboards can be printed with color images or illustrations (four-color screen printing).

Screen printing is a technique of printing from the back of the front face. Therefore, we do not get any loss of color over time due to friction and use of keyboards since the color is on the back layer. The lifespan of the image printing is therefore almost infinite.

What customizations are possible on your flexible keyboards?

  • Finger guide
  • Backlight
  • transparent window
  • Relegendable area
  • Matte, glossy, anti-UV, anti-reflective varnish
  • EMC shielding
  • Sealing (up to IP 67)
  • Reinforced design
  • Crimping of inserts
  • Special fasteners
  • Supports PMMA, aluminium, steel, epoxy
  • Doming
  • Etc.


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